Monday, December 04, 2006

Exciting Times

Greetings, fiber enthusiasts!
Textile Travel is a division of FastNet Travel, a full-service independent travel agency and consulting firm. We specialize in individual and small-group travel within New England, as well as in Ireland and the Celtic countries, Britain,the Caribbean and Florida. We also plan and lead small groups on unusual and exotic itineraries.

The mission of Textile Travel is to provide needlework lovers with travel options that are low-key yet stimulating, that provide learning opportunities as well as time to mingle, talk with others, relax and rest. We seek out like-minded people in local venues, and favor in-depth experiences of local culture, cuisine and industry. We explore gardens, guilds and co-ops, farms and fields; we shop and picnic, stay awhile in one place, get to know local areas. We share our knowledge and enthusiam for fiber arts, and form new and lasting friendships.

Our new blog will keep fiber lovers posted on the details of our upcoming and proposed tours and travels. We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions here, and if you're not traveling, be an 'armchair traveler' and follow our exploits from afar.

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