Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bad Knitting Story

I've never been a knitter. Having learned to crochet doll hats with my Nana at the age of eight, I'd been content to explore the crochet world and leave knitting alone.
Particularly since I couldn't stand the wrist action of throwing the yarn - madness.
Then I volunteered at the Knit Out & Crochet extravaganza at Boston's South Station in 2002. The honored guest at the fashion show was Kaffe Fassett, whom I'd met in a tiny London yarn shop years ago, where to my embarrassment I'd learned that his name doesn't rhyme with 'coffee'.

It was exciting enough to see Kaffe again (rhymes with 'safe'), but while volunteering at the 'Learn to Crochet' booth, I was surrounded by knitting virtuosi: to my left, a lady knitting Continental style with seemingly no stress on her wrists and no throwing of yarn. To my right, some Waldorf elementary school kids knitting up scarves and whittling knitting needles out of wood. I'm intrigued!

Cut to last summer, when I became hot to knit, yet again, so I could do some felting projects.

Now I see there are instructions on the Internet, including some videos on Knitting Help of how to do Continental - great! Only the self-taught method yielded a somewhat crooked result, which led to my realizing I was Continentally challenged.

Thinkin that when I felted the little bag, the crooked stitches would straighten out - priceless.

So now I'm on a 'stealth embellishment' quest to camouflage my lame knitting with some freeform crochet using odd balls of Malabrigo, Noro and no-name yarns. In my dreams I'm able to transform it into something wonderful.

In my 'real' dreams I'm forever seeing the awesome Caribbean Reef Octopus I discovered last month while snorkling off the coast of Haiti. I followed this guy for about 1/2 mile along the reef, and don't know when I've met a more amazing creature!

So, using him as a sea-motif, I'm working on the transformation from amateurish knitting to freeform masterpiece - outcome to be posted soon, but I'd appreciate any ideas from you expert knitters!

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