Sunday, January 18, 2009

Xenobia Bailey at the Fuller Craft Museum

Xenobia Bailey exhibits at Fuller Craft Museum"Craft artist" Xenobia Bailey, really a fine artist who works in the medium of yarn, presents an exhilarating installation through March 8, 2009, at the Fuller Museum of Craft in Brockton, Massachusetts.

A portion of her Re:Positioning: Fiber Work by Xenobia Bailey is on show in the Museum's exhibition space, and it's a dynamic, life-filled display of large-scale crocheted mandalas. The show demonstrates the versatility and legitimacy of this 'domestic' craft as a vehicle for bold artistic statement.

The show not only showcases Xenobia's brilliant vision of the mandala as an iconic symbol,
it also offers a series of interactive lessons on how to crochet, featuring 'scrumbles'
of crocheted pieces created and embellished by museum visitors. A tour de force!

Visitor-generated crocheted scrumble:

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Lola said...

What a great exhibit! We have a 7 foot crocheted sculpture by Xenobia Bailey in the permanent collection where I work. I love it and take everyone to see it on my tours! Great blog!

Lola @