Monday, September 15, 2008

Inspiration - Man and Nature

A journey to Boothbay, Maine in August to visit the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
took us through the town of Bath, so we naturally stopped at Halcyon Yarn, a treasure trove of
fibers, supplies and books for textile lovers of all stripes. Heading to Maine for leisure or business, I wouldn't waste the chance to be inspired here....

By the end of the day I was overloaded with inspiration, both from the wonderfully rich colors at Halcyon, and by the juxtaposition of color and tone, texture and light offered by the stunning Coastal Garden. With a stop in the Garden Cafe, a perfect agenda for a late summer's day!

On my return, I took my color lead from nature when crocheting these spa cloths
in green and purple nubby cotton from Halcyon:

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