Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Travel Security Pouch

Several travelers have asked how I hide valuables while on travel, particularly in crowded places. To begin with, I try not to carry too many items of value that need to be kept track of. If I'm staying in a hotel or on a cruise ship, I leave all cards and currency in the safe except one credit/debit card and some cash. These I stash in my handy little crocheted Travel Security Pouch, which is then stuffed securely into my bra. To avoid arrest, I discreetly retrieve the contents as needed, in a ladies room or shop fitting room.

The pouch is simple to make and 'install'. When time permits, I'll post actual patterns for knit and crocheted versions, but even for a beginning needlewoman, it's a simple bag made of soft sport or baby yarn; dimensions are 3 inches wide by 3.25 inches long, not including the flap with its little loop on the end. Attached is a lanyard about 6.5 inches long, also with a loop at the end. You need a small button with a good-sized shank that can accommodate both loops.

1. Wrap the lanyard around a bra strap and button it on:

2. Fill the pouch with your millions:

3. Button the flap to close:

4. Slide pouch into the bra cup:
Voila! Your wealth will be safe and warm, and easily accessible.

I'm curious to know how others handle this important travel detail...what are your most effective security measures?

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