Tuesday, March 29, 2011

London - the January Sales

London's January sales for 2011 were pretty good, yarn-wise,
but otherwise - meh. Had much better luck shopping in
Oxford, where Debenham's and other High-Street shops held
a treasure-trove of cut-rate leather goods, outerwear and
costume jewelry. Even a U.S. shopper could do well here.

Many yarn stops this year, including Liberty, John Lewis,
and "indie" shops like Loop and the wonderful IKnit London.
Only it was so wet when I was out & about, I only was able
to capture the Fiber Madness at John Lewis, Oxford Street.
Here's a word I would recognize in any language:

And which colors just weren't "the thing" this year?

Another Big Question: what are London knitters wearing this winter? (Surreptitous research)

Last year's theme was "British Breeds" - this year's is "On Clearance, soft, and not easily found at home". The take:

To end a perfect shopping day, tea at a favorite haunt - Caffe Concerto, Kensington High Street:

And, of course, cake:

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