Friday, June 15, 2012

Normandy Sojourn: Bayeux, France - Town & Tapestry

Just a two-hour train ride from Paris, but a world away, is the town of Bayeux, set in the classic Normandy countryside, surrounded by apple orchards and the detritus of the hard-fought battles of World War II.

Though a tourist mecca, Bayeux is a relatively quiet place with its touchstones close at hand:  the War Memorials, the Bayeux Tapestry Museum, the Cathedral, Lace Conservation Center and its famous Calvados apple brandy, caramels and biscuits.  Worth a visit for history buffs, lace lovers and embroidery enthusiasts.
 Bayeux - a central player in European history from the Middle Ages to World War II
Bayeux is in the Calvados region -- noted for its brandy and other apple products

Tempting shops on Rue St. Martin, Bayeux

Not Paris!

Bayeux was almost undamaged during WWII

Bayeux's ornate Cathedral founded by Bishop Odo, half-brother of William the Conqueror

The charming Hotel d'Argouges, Bayeux

Annex of Hotel d'Argouges - bigger rooms on ground floor - comfortable!

The Bayeux Tapestry - before I realized there were no photos allowed - sorry!

WWII tank - a different take on Bayeux's history

Silk & bead embroidery at the Church of the Augustines, Bayeux

Traditional Lace of the region - made by nuns, of course.

Window of the Lace Conservation Center, Bayeux

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rohanknitter said...

Great pictures! I was only able to visit Normandy for one day - it wasn't long enough and Ihope to returen

FastNet Travel said...

Thank you! I loved the light around the Normandy region -- would return to explore more of the countryside and small towns.

FastNet Travel said...
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Unknown said...

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