Monday, January 15, 2007

Global Waterlogging in the Lake District

The best-laid plans of travel explorers!
Researching our upcoming FastNet Travel trip to the Lake District of England , I looked forward to spending a few days blissfully meandering the back roads of Cumbria.
Reality: an almost non-stop monsoon-like rainstorm with up to 80 mph winds, not to mention the lovely Lakes overflowing their banks directly in front of my car as I negotiated the hairpin turns. However, nothing could dull the beauty that was all around me on my December foray to England's spectacular mountain country.

And at some point, while driving down a narrow lane near Hadrian's Wall,
the sky cleared and a full-blown rainbow appeared to light my way!

Such were the blessings of my sojourn in the Lakes, home of Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit, alpaca breeders, The Sheep and Wool Center, and Crookabeck Farm....more on these later. I simply know that the summer tour for fiber lovers will be an exciting and rewarding experience - don't miss it!

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