Friday, September 07, 2007

Bermuda Dreams

Textile Travel's Bermuda Cruise 2007 - a Dream!
Norwegian Majesty in St. Georges, Bermuda Prudence Mapstone was the eminent presence as instructor on our idyllic cruise to Bermuda in July, 2007.

the 'hidden' Prudence

Bermuda cruise shipmates
Bermudian Goombay Dancers
Prudence and KendaPrudence's larger-than-life creations, as well as her gracious manner both with our cruisin' freeformers, and with a crowd of Bermudian fans, made for a memorable adventure for all.

Our group experienced wonderful weather during our three-day sojourn in Bermuda, and enjoyed the hospitality of Wendy Bassett and her staff and family at her lovely shop, Needles, Etc.
Bermudian Business Attire

Dinner on Board

See details of our upcoming 2008 cruise with Prudence - north to Alaska!

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