Friday, November 02, 2007

Two yarn shops - Vermont and New Hampshire

Traveling in Vermont with lifelong pals, Mim and Don,
I chanced upon this neat little yarn shop tucked away in a strip mall in Brattleboro.

Nice selection of natural-fiber yarns, but most impressive
was the thread collection. Having specialized in needlepoint
and embroidery in a previous life, the shop has a broad selection
of embroidery threads, perle cottons, and wools. We picked up
a range of greys and blacks to create a necklace somewhat like the
one on Crochet Today's new cover, with added beadwork - we shall see!

Not Just Yarn, Brattleboro

Then to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where we checked out the tiny Yarn Basket,
full of lovely handspun, handpainted and organic yarns. We added to our stash
by purchasing some thin wool threads in gray tones.

Portsmouth is a great town for all kinds of fine crafts including glasswork, ceramic and fabric art!

....Not to mention the plethora of fabulous places to refresh your tired self after a strenuous morning of fiber shopping. We love the old standby, Friendly Toast, but the new Popovers on the Square was just too tempting! They won us over with their turkey pie popover and yummy quiche.

Yarn Basket, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Popovers on the Square

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